Dunleer Town, Co. Louth, Republic of Ireland, is located midway between the County’s two largest towns, Dundalk and Drogheda.

To it’s west is it’s Mid-Louth neighbour, Ardee.  It is located adjacent to the Dublin to Belfast M1 Motorway, and has it’s own Motorway Interchange.

There are many beautiful and interesting attractions right on our doorstep and we have listed a small taster below.

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Rathescar Lakeside Walk

Dundalk Market

Dundalk Market


Mellifont Abbey.

Kildemock Jumping Church

Kildemock “Jumping Church”

Knock Abbey Gardens

Knock Abbey Gardens, Reaghstown.

Dee Valley Walk

Dee Valley Walk



Tallanstown Multi-award winning tidy town village


Ardee Baroque Festival(held each year in November)

Monasterboice Round Tower and High Crosses

Monasterboice Round Tower and High Crosses

Port Togher Blue Flag Beach.

Port Togher Blue Flag Beach.

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